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Hiring a Skilled & Experienced Piano Tuner DC

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For over fifty years, PianoCraft has been the choice for the best in piano tuning, piano service, piano repair, piano rebuilding and piano restoration in the Washington D.C. area. From the beginning, PianoCraft was driven by the understanding that each piano has its own unique voice and each client has their own wants, needs and requirements. 

When you hire a PianoCraft registered piano technician, you'll receive not only a professional piano tuner, but so much more. The highly trained technicians possess a deep understanding of the exacting piano tuning, piano regulating, piano voicing, and piano service needs of concert pianists, recording engineers, concert halls, institutions, and teaching studios. And while PianoCraft is rightfully renowned for its 5 star piano tuning and piano service for the most discriminating professionals, the registered piano technician offers that same 5 star piano tuning and piano service to every piano and pianist regardless of level. Get started by calling our team and we'll have your piano tuned in no time!
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Our Premium Piano Tuners in Washington DC

Over 50 Years of Piano Tuning Experience

Piano students and enthusiasts of of all ages can benefit from the expert piano tuning and piano service offered by PianoCraft. Whether professional, amateur, or brand new beginner, we know that when your piano sounds and plays great, the pianist (and anyone listening) will have a much better experience.

At PianoCraft, our piano tuners are passionate about offering the highest level of 5 star piano tuning and piano service for your baby grand, grand piano, concert grand piano, upright piano, and even your spinet piano. 

Our piano tuning company in DC knows that there are plenty of piano tuners near you in Washington D.C., but we like to think we’re a little different. Only PianoCraft is owned and operated by pianists and craftsmen, and offers not only the best in 5 star piano tuning and 5 star piano service, but also world renowned piano restoration, and piano rebuilding all done at PianoCraft's state of the art piano rebuilding facility. It takes a piano technician to tune pianos!

Expert Piano Maintenance

Why Pianos and Piano Parts Need Regular Maintenance

Whether you play your piano a little or a lot, the natural materials that make up your piano, including wood, felt, leather etc continually expand and contract. These natural materials absorb moisture and expand when it is more humid and release moisture and shrink when it is a dryer time of year.

This cycle of expansion and contraction causes the piano’s strings and moving parts to move and change. Not only does this make the piano go out of tune and therefore require a piano tuning, but it also changes the responsiveness of the playing mechanism, the piano’s action. 

As the piano’s action goes out of alignment, it can be brought back to working properly through a process known as piano regulation. When your piano is well regulated it feels, responds and even sounds much much better! Call us today to schedule with our piano tuners.
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Piano regulation also protects your piano from unnecessary wear and tear and will add to the life of your instrument and protect its value, not to mention how much more enjoyable it is to play on a well regulated piano. Additionally, the more you play your piano, the more wear and tear will affect its piano tuning, piano regulation, and piano voicing.

If you are looking for expert piano tuning in Washington DC, an area with especially large shifts in temperature and humidity, in addition to regular piano tuning and piano maintenance, you may want to consider the installation of a Damp Chaser climate control system to help mitigate the negative effects of the climate shifts on your piano.

Climate Control

The Importance Of Piano Climate Control
High humidity causes the wood in your piano to expand. This stresses the piano throughout. Lack of humidity causes the wood to lose moisture and dry out and shrink. As the wood dries, damage may be visible with obvious cracks but the cracks may not show up for years as the piano deteriorates. The back and forth of expansion and contraction of the wood in the piano season after season can really take its toll on your instrument.

The piano’s glue joints can loosen and changes in humidity can cause damage to your piano’s pin block, soundboard, and strings. This may cause your piano to be less able to hold a tune and in the long run can actually contribute to the piano needing to be replaced. Make sure your piano has correct pitch and prevent unnecessary frequent tunings in DC!
Piano Tuning DIY Tips
Consistent humidity around your piano will not only extend the life of your piano, but will make it sound better year round as well. With a Damp- Chaser Life Saver Climate Control system (with both humidification and dehumidification) your piano will be protected from the dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity in the Washington DC area. Of course, even with a Damp-Chaser system it’s beneficial for your piano to be away from direct sunlight and to avoid direct exposure to air vents, as well as being close to a fireplace that gets use.

Remember if you are uncomfortable, so is your piano. For a piano, the best climate is a temperature between 68° F and 76°, with the relative humidity at 42%. Because this can be extremely difficult to maintain, especially in the Washington DC area with our cold dry winters and hot humid summers, if you’re within ± 10 of 42% you’re doing well. A Damp Chaser Life Saver Climate Control system can help enormously, but may not be necessary if the piano is living in an unusually consistent climate. Speak with one of our piano technicians to determine your piano's needs for climate control.

What Our Clients Say

  • Julio came out and was friendly and professional, and really took his time figuring out how to bring my piano back up to snuff. He was extremely thorough and careful to make sure that everything was as good as it could be. I will definitely be calling him in the future.

  • Outstanding quality, selection, service; expert ownership and staff
    Ernest Barretta

  • Excellent. The technician checked the piano's workings, did minor cleaning, and tuned it (it had gone fairly far out of tune after two moves), and did an excellent job. The company also provided a written appraisal for insurance purposes. Great to work with in every respect.
    Dr. Cleveland L. Page, Ph.D

Other Piano Services We Offer

Expert Piano Tuning & Repair

Is something on your piano broken? Whether a mechanical or case problem, our expert piano technicians can make it right. Often repairs can easily be done in your house, but when more is required, PianoCraft has a state of the art full service piano shop that can repair just about any problem regardless of its severity.

With over 200 strings and nearly 10,000 parts, most made of natural materials such as wood, leather, felt and buckskin, it is natural for a piano to need not only piano tuning services, but also the occasional piano repair. It doesn't matter if you own a new piano or older one, they both require the proper amount of care.

Sometimes a problem with a piano does not mean there is anything broken but rather it may need some expert piano tuning, piano regulation, piano voicing or some combination. In other words, it may just need some normal piano maintenance. When you schedule an appointment with an expert PianoCraft piano technician, they will assess the actual needs of your piano and attend to them accordingly.
Tuning Starts With a Quality Lever

Piano Restoration

World-class Piano Restoration And Piano Rebuilding in Washington D.C.
For the last 50 years PianoCraft has been the Piano Restoration and Piano Rebuilding choice.

Having been selected to rebuild and restore thousands of pianos of every size and age, PianoCraft’s piano rebuilding and piano restoration experience and expertise is unmatched.

PianoCraft’s piano rebuilding and piano restoration work can be found in Washington DC and beyond at the Smithsonian, the Phillips Collection, Strathmore, Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks, Carnegie Mellon University, Lincoln Center along with many other prestigeous concert halls, museums and institutions. PianoCraft is just as proud of all of the piano rebuilding and piano restoration they have done for piano teachers, piano students and to bring a family heirloom piano back to pristine condition for the next generation and beyond to enjoy. Our repair services are unbeatable in DC!
PianoCraft has restored Fortepianos dating back to the early 1800s as well as every model and iteration of Steinway concert grand from the 1860s to the current Steinway D. Of course, PianoCraft has rebuilt and restored every non concert model of Steinway grand as well going back to the 1870s! PianoCraft is not only a Steinway specialist and has also rebuilt and restored Mason & Hamlins, Erards, Baldwins, Boesendorfers, Bechsteins, Steingraebers, Estonias, Knabes, Chickerings and countless others. 

PianoCraft’s piano rebuilding and piano restoration expertise and experience are really unrivaled. These PianoCraft rebuilds are found in concert halls, recording studios, museums, teaching studios, conservatories, universities, colleges, music schools and homes. Whether purchasing a completed PianoCraft rebuilt piano for sale, or entrusting the rebuilding or restoration of your family heirloom to PianoCraft’s master craftsmen, you and your family will absolutely love the result. Reach out to our piano tuners learn more about our piano tuning and piano repairs in your DC area!

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