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PianoCraft’s 50 Year Journey Of High Quality Piano Tuning, Repair and Restoration.

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Since the inception of PianoCraft 50 years ago, we have been focused on our philosophy that there is a level of mastery that can be achieved in piano tuning and service. Especially in metropolitan DC, we are proud to offer our higher end piano services to clientele who take pride in the voice of their instrument. We believe that every piano has a unique voice, that every player has a unique style, and that with the right certified piano technician we can help bring out the desired voice of your piano.

In 2001, Shaun Tirrell and Keith Kerman became the majority owners each bringing different areas of expertise and mastery to the company. With Shaun’s experience as a concert pianist and Keith’s experience as a pianist/composer, they are able to offer a wholesome and complete understanding to each and every client.

At DC Piano Tuning, Shaun and Keith bring a deeper level of understanding and personal experience to their piano services that has shown through for concert pianists, in studio recordings, institutions, and teaching studios alike.

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Over the years, along with 5-star piano servicing, the PianoCraft shop has become world renowned for piano rebuilding. Using superior materials and craftsmanship, clients trust us to be uncompromising in quality piano restoration and rebuilding. Whether you require a newly crafted soundboard, action work or refinishing that will outshine new pianos, we have taught and developed a level of craftsmanship in house that was only previously seen in brand new expensive pianos.
While we do take pride in our ability to please the highest levels of concert pianists, composers and artists, real pride also comes from our ability to help new and budding musicians to find their voice. Whether you are a new student diving into our shared journey or an experienced pianist looking for the perfect piano, here at PianoCraft we will surely enrich your experience and further your musical journey.
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