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June 24, 2019

Maybe You Need Piano Voicing in Washington DC!

Consistent piano voicing of a Washington DC instrument provides a beautiful, clear sound from your treasured keyboard, beyond simple piano tuning. Piano voicing of a Washington DC keyboard creates a tone you prefer from a piano, whether it’s something deeper and fuller or a bit more high-pitched and responsive to lighter notes.

If you’ve never voiced a piano in Washington DC or had your instrument adjusted beyond regular piano tuning, you might note some commonly asked questions about the process. You can then make the best decision for how to care for your piano in particular and create the sound you expect when you play or practice.

What Does It Mean to Voice a Piano in Washington DC?

In simple terms, to voice a piano means to adjust its internal parts so that the sound is either deeper or more high-pitched. Note how this process is different than piano tuning:

  • The process of Washington DC piano voicing is similar to adjusting the knobs of a stereo; when you turn up the bass on a stereo, the sound is deeper. When you turn up the treble, the sound is more high-pitched. The notes played to create the music are the same but the sound of that music changes as you adjust its tone.
  • Piano tuning a Washington DC instrument refers to adjusting the strings so they produce the proper pitch or frequency as you play. Voicing a piano adjusts the hammers and the felt on the hammers so they produce a different tone as they strike the strings.
  • Voicing doesn’t affect the pitch of music but the overall tone. As with adjusting the bass and treble on a stereo, voicing adjusts the tonal quality and depth of a piano.
piano voicing

Why Do You Need to Voice a Piano in Washington DC?

While regular piano tuning in Washington DC ensures that your instrument produces the proper pitch with every note, note some reasons to consider voicing a piano as well:

  • A piano’s sound is affected by the instrument’s size and manufacture as well as room acoustics, the size of the lid, and the overall wear and tear on the instrument. Piano voicing a Washington DC keyboard takes into account all those factors and adjusts the piano’s inner workings so it produces the tone you expect, even if the instrument is in proper pitch.
  • Certain music styles sound better when the piano is voiced accordingly. For example, a lighter or higher pitch might sound better for jazz music whereas a darker or deeper tone is preferred for many classical pieces.
  • A piano’s sound adjusts with age and according to its surrounding climate. If your piano sounds different than when you first purchased it and tuning a piano in Washington DC doesn’t produce the tone you expect or prefer, it might be time for voicing!
  • If your piano has lost the ability to play softly or to produce a range of tones at different volumes, it probably needs voicing.
  • If the tone of your piano varies greatly from note to note, it’s time for a piano voicing. Tone should be consistent when you play and every key should produce the tone you prefer.

How Do You Voice a Piano in Washington DC?

Tuning a piano involves tightening strings so that they vibrate properly and produce a particular frequency. Piano voicing Washington DC is a bit more involved; note a few steps a piano voicing technician might take to produce the proper tone from your instrument:

  • Hammers might be sanded down to remove damage from strings and restore or alter their shape. The shape and density of a piano’s hammers affect the manner in which they strike the piano wires, so reshaping those hammers then affects a piano’s tone.
  • The felt over the piano’s hammers also affect how they strike the strings and the resultant tone. Poking holes into the felt softens the material, making it more flexible. This produces a softer sound. Chemical hardeners stiffen the felt, producing a deeper sound.
  • Individual voicing ensures that each note sounds harmonious with the tone produced by the strings next to it. Irregularities often occur between steel wires wrapped in copper versus plain steel wires, so individual voicing ensures that each note blends with the next.
  • Proper hammer alignment ensures that they hit each string properly, producing the richest and truest tone overall.

How Is Piano Repair Different Than Voicing?

Voicing a piano is different than Washington DC piano repair, even though piano voicing might include repairing or reshaping hammers and other such parts. Piano repair might include replacing broken hammers and strings, replacing worn felt on the hammers, or repairing cracks in the soundboard. Dents, dings, cracks, and other damage to the piano body are also repaired.

Proper piano repair of a Washington DC keyboard often restores the overall sound and improves the tone of your piano, but doesn’t necessarily create the voice you prefer. If your piano has any broken parts or parts that are overly worn, repair is then needed, but voicing a piano might also be necessary after repairs are made.

How Do You Keep a Piano In Good Repair?

To ensure that your piano always sounds its best and lasts as long as possible before it needs repair or replacing, note some tips on how to care for your instrument no matter its size or model:

  • Piano climate control in Washington DC is crucial, as the wood body and parts of a piano all respond and react to surrounding temperature and humidity levels. Wood expands as it absorbs humidity and then shrinks as it dries; the strings and other moving parts of a piano all move with the instrument’s body throughout this cycle! Keeping the climate around the piano consistent is vital for ensuring it stays in good repair.
  • Playing your piano often actually keeps it in good repair! When wires are not hit they tend to soften or stiffen, putting your piano out of tune.
  • Regular tuning also keeps a piano in good repair, ensuring that worn parts are replaced as needed and that there is no excess wear and tear on the strings as well.

It’s also recommended that you discuss needed repairs and maintenance with your piano voicing Washington DC expert. He or she can note added suggestions for keeping your instrument sounding its best and in good repair.

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