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Piano Tuning Services in Washington D.C.

50 Years of Premium Piano Tuning, Repair and Restoration.

Tuning, Servicing and Maintaining Your Piano

A certified piano tuner with the depth of experience offered by our technicians is hard to come by. To the inexperienced, piano tuning may seem like a simple and straightforward tuning process like any other instrument. It is not. With 200 strings under high tension attached to pins on a pinblock that all need to be securely anchored, there are so many things that can go wrong days, weeks or months after your tuning. To ensure the longevity of a proper piano service, choose to work with the company who has lived and breathed pianos for the last 50 years. Refining their craft every day, DC Piano Tuning by PianoCraft certified technicians know the inner workings of your piano from experience restoring, rebuilding, repairing, regulating and tuning the most high end and premium pianos around the world.

Piano Tuning

5-Star Piano Tuning Service

Tuning your piano is always the primary service that we offer our clients. When you choose to work with PianoCraft you are choosing to enrich your musical journey further and for longer with a tuning that will hold pitch, stability, and pitch balance.

After properly tuning the piano, our piano technicians perform a series of tests to ensure accuracy. They must listen to the faint, undulating patterns called beats which confirms a proper piano tuning by listening to the harmonics and intervals of each string to establish frequency patterns. Along with tuning, our technicians are also trained to address many other issues that may be the root cause of your out of tune piano.
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Piano Maintenance in DC

Piano regulation and Voicing

Piano maintenance in Washington DC does not stop at regular tuning visits. Over the years, with thousands of vulnerable moving parts made from wood, leather and felt, your piano’s action will undoubtedly feel the wear from regular playing and an imperfect climate. In this case, professional piano regulation services are needed.

While piano regulation does have an impact on the voicing of your instrument, sometimes a special voicing service is needed to fix an unappealing tone and power. This is when the technician will work to reshape the hammers and fully adjust the voice of your piano to meet your needs. Touch base with our local piano tuners in Washington DC today!
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Renowned Piano Restoration

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For the last 50 years PianoCraft has been chosen to work on many higher end pianos, rebuilding and restoring them back to life. Our restored works of art can be found in the Smithsonian, the Phillips Collection, Strathmore, Cargenie Mellon, Lincoln Center and many other reputable concert halls, museums and institutions.
 Piano Restoration Costs can vary a great deal depending on many factors such as what type of piano, the work that needs to be done, the condition of the parts and more. The utmost importance is that you have a trusted, experienced, and respected company do the restoration on your piano. We are that company. Contact us to discuss your piano restoration.
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Piano Climate Control

Piano Tuning DIY Tips
Maintaining consistent humidity around your piano is crucial for its longevity and optimal sound quality. Fluctuations in humidity can adversely affect your instrument, leading to potential damage and inconsistent sound production. To combat this, we highly recommend the Damp Chaser Life Saver Climate Control System. The system is designed to both humidify and dehumidify your piano's environment, ensuring it remains stable despite the seasonal changes and unpredictable temperature and humidity shifts common in the Washington, DC area. If you're uncertain about the current conditions for your piano, our technicians are here to help with piano climate control
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Expert Piano Repair

How Do You Tune a Piano
Do you have piano parts malfunctioning or an instrument doesn't sound quite right? Whether you are facing a mechanical issue, a case defect, or any other concern, our expert craftsmen are adeptly skilled to properly diagnose and address the problem. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of piano intricacies, we ensure that every repair is executed with precision. Depending on the extent of work required, our piano technicians will either complete the repair at your residence for minimal disruption or transport it to our state-of-the-art facility.
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Piano Regulation

Piano regulation is a comprehensive process of adjusting the mechanical aspects of pianos to ensure optimal performance. It involves fine-tuning various components, including keys, hammers, and pedals, to achieve a balanced touch and sound across the instrument. Regular regulation ensures that a piano responds efficiently to a player's touch, producing consistent and harmonious tones. Our experts bring over 50 years of experience to provide meticulous piano regulation, ensuring your instrument plays beautifully every time.
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