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Piano Repair Washington DC

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We Care About the Health of Your Piano

The sole purpose of the piano is to create beautiful music. However, no matter how talented the pianist is, if the instrument is damaged, it will not produce beautiful music. Therefore, our company is dedicated to top-quality piano repair services in the Washington, DC, area. We only use the best instrument tuning and repair tools in the industry. 

However, our techniques are what get the job done right. You can count on our technicians at DC Piano Tuning to always handle your piano with care because we understand how important it is to you. We begin with a damaged, poor-sounding piano, and you end up with something that could grace the likes of a professional concert hall.

Professional Piano Repair DC Makes a Difference

Don't Trust Your "Keys" to Just Anyone.

Chances are you have a piano because you enjoy playing it, or at least someone in your household does. Pianos are not cheap instruments and can cost thousands of dollars. It's only logical that you'd want to care for such an expensive investment. So, how do you go about it? Plenty of YouTube videos teach you about piano repair Washington DC. 

There's also a fellow down the street who says he has "dabbled in piano repair" and can take a look at it for you. Neither of those solutions is great. In fact, DIY and inexperienced piano repairs can further damage the instrument and cost you more money than you intended to spend. So, what is the best course of action? Hire a reputable, experienced piano repair person. 

We take great pride in our skill to take make a damaged piano sound and look like new again. If you want to know more about our credentials, please visit the About Us page on this website.
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Piano Repair Washington DC

Has Your Piano Seen Better Days?

The Best Time for Piano Repair in Washington DC is Now!
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The longer you wait on piano repair services, the more damaged and degraded your instrument will become. Plus, a damaged piano means you aren't able to play it. So your ability to practice disappears. As they say, you lose it if you don't use it. There are different ways we repair pianos based on the situation. Some of the most common problems that we see include:

*Keys sticking or behaving "sluggishly" - We evaluate the keys and pinpoint the cause of the sticking. Sometimes key replacements are the answer.
*Buzzing and rattling sounds - Sometimes weird noises, such as a loose bolt or nail, are simple to fix. Other times a more significant problem lurks under the piano's top.
*Damaged/chipped or unclean ivory keys - Do you know that dirty piano keys cause sound to be off? A good cleaning usually fixes the problem. We replace any chipped keys.
*Problems with the ebony keys - Although rarely damaged, the ebony keys need to be in great shape too.
*Internal malfunctions with the hammer, strings, and other moving parts - We inspect the inner workings of your piano for any discrepancies and repair them accordingly.
*Cosmetic flaws - Nobody wants their piano to be scuffed, cracked, or unpolished.

It's important that you tell the technician everything that you've observed going wrong with your piano. They'll then take matters into their own hands and thoroughly examine the instrument. Lastly, a repair plan will be implemented, and you'll be given a no-strings-attached estimate.
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Why Choose Our Piano Professionals?

Since 1968 our company has been helping piano owners keep their instruments in great shape. Being able to make music is an essential part of life. Music connects us in ways that other forms of communication cannot. Do you know that music invokes emotional responses? 

That's why movies and commercials play certain songs. We aim to keep those in the Washington, DC, area playing the piano. In order to do this, a high level of authority in the musical realm is needed. Our lead repair person is a renowned pianist with a tender ear for tuning. 

Knowing how a piano should sound is pivotal in the correct repair process. We hope you'll choose us for all of your piano repair needs. You can reach us by phone or using the convenient online contact form below.
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Piano Repair Company Washington DC

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