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50 Years of Premium Piano Tuning, Repair and Restoration.

Expert Piano Tuning Since 1968

DC Piano Tuning by PianoCraft has been a go-to resource for piano enthusiasts for over fifty years. We utilize tried and true techniques coupled with modern methods that leave pianos sounding as sweet as an angel choir. In addition, our prices are the lowest in the greater DC area. We specialize in tuning all types of pianos, organs, and keyboard instruments.

Piano Tuning Washington DC - An Essential Service

Proper piano maintenance is "key."

Are you the owner of a beautiful piano or organ? If so, you probably know that routine tuning is a necessity. Piano tuning Washington DC is our passion. We value music and the instruments that produce its glorious sound. Here are some amazing benefits of having your piano regularly tuned by a certified professional:

*Belter Sound Quality - It's true that the sounds coming from a piano are credited to the player. However, if a piano is out of tune, it really doesn't matter if the artist is Mozart...the music is going to sound off. By keeping the piano tuned, you're bound to make beautiful music.
*Preservation - A piano will hold its value for years to come with proper maintenance, which includes routine tuning. Consider having your piano tuned even if you are not an avid player if you wish to preserve its value.
*Cost-Worthy - Piano tuning helps your instrument maintain the quality of its strings. The cost of tuning is far less than string replacement or repairing other damages due to neglect.
*Confidence Booster - Whether you're a seasoned pianist or someone who is just starting out, having a tuned piano creates more refined sounds. You'll feel far more confident playing a tuned piano than not.

Skipping out on professional piano tuning can result in a damaged instrument and low-quality sound. Allow our team of tuners to take the reigns and keep your piano performing at its best.
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Piano Tuning Washington DC

Don't Delay Piano Tuning, Friend 

Prompt instrument care is pertinent.
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You undoubtedly spent hard-earned money to purchase your piano, so why not take care of your investment? Even if your piano was gifted to you as a generational heirloom, it's still a wise idea to keep your great-grandma's beloved instrument tuned. 

Failure to maintain your piano will quickly devalue the instrument. Even if you barely play, a piano still requires tuning services so that you don't have to pay for costly repairs. It really is an inconvenience when you go to play your piano after a period of downtime, and it sounds horrible. 

We've had to repair many pianos for frantic pianists right before a recital due to improper maintenance. Plus, taking the time to invest in piano tuning services will inspire you to get behind the keys more often, which is always a good thing.
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Why Choose DC Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

Our piano tuners are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We guarantee your piano will sound its best once we're through working our magic on the strings and keys. 

As avid pianists ourselves we understand the importance of using high-quality piano services, techniques and piano tuning tools in Washington, DC. You'll never find us working with subpar materials. 

Should a component of your piano need to be replaced, you can trust that we will source the items from reputable brands. We're experienced, certified, and passionate about music.
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