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DC Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is dedicated to providing compelling piano voicing services to its customers 100% of the time. Using professional tools and techniques, every client can count on their instruments being treated with the utmost care. With over five decades of experience, our master pianist, composer, and tuning expert transforms muffled pianos into works of art.

Perfect Piano Voicing Washington DC

Say "Goodbye" to Muffled Music

Every pianist, whether novice or beginner, wants the music they make to sound great. 99% of musical quality depends on personal talent, but the other 1% relies on the quality of the equipment. That's why services like piano voicing Washington DC are so important. We look deeply at your piano during the voicing process, starting with the keys. 

A very simple but crucial test of bringing our head to eye level with your keys to check for uneven heights is very telling. We'll know instantly whether your piano needs regulating or not. Next, we'll take a look at your piano's hammers. If there is any tightness or grooves present, it is another clear indication that voicing is required. 

Professional piano voicing improves the evenness of tones across all the keys, so sounds are fluid during playing. Finally, we note which keys are burdened as it will tell us whether the piano is poorly regulated due to past faulty tuning. Do you have questions for our tuners? Please call us today. We're always happy to speak with our customers.

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Time-Tested Piano Voicing Techniques

Using Methods That Make a Difference

We can get your piano sounding incredible again during the voicing process in a few different ways. Each piano voicing technique in Washington, DC, is determined based on your piano's brand, age, and overall hammer condition. Here are the methods that we typically apply:

  • Hammer Filing & Shaping - A process that involves exposing the piano's action by carefully unscrewing the keyboard. The action is then removed so the technician can see if any uneven shapes are present in the hammers. Finally, a light sanding tool is used to smooth the hammer's level.
  • Needle Tools - Looking for a brighter tone? Firm piano hammers will accomplish this. That's where needle tools come into the picture. Before the needling begins, the technician will test the piano's sound. Next, the tech will poke at the top of the hammers with the needling tool.
  • Hammer Iron - A combination of damp hammer and heat, often known as a hammer iron, brightens tone. The iron is shaped to the hammers to place a balanced amount of heat on the felt. Dampening the hammers with a small spray bottle of water emits steam when the hammer iron is used, allowing the felt to expand without losing shape.

Our frequently updated blog page is full of interesting piano voicing and tuning information. We invite you to explore!

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Why Choose DC Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

There are numerous piano repair and tuning services in the greater DC area, but our company boasts over fifty years of experience. The owner and master piano tuner at our practice is a professional pianist and composer, making his ability to tune pianos much greater finely. 

With an ear for music, our master tuner always gets the tone right. Our fully licensed and insured business treats its client's pianos like its own. 

We understand the importance of making beautiful music and keeping pianos in excellent condition. Great-sounding pianos inspire those who hear them learn the art for themselves, and that's why we do what we do.

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